Bulletin for Feb 28

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Daily Worship Guide

In order to help teach you to set our hope wholly in Jesus Christ and better equip you for the building up of the body of Christ in love, a daily worship guide is included in the weekly bulletin. This daily worship guide uses the various elements from the week’s worship service as a tool to help individuals and families fix their eyes on Christ. This guide is only a suggestion of one way you could pattern your personal or family devotions. We hope that this weekly worship guide is a help to you.

Each week we encourage you to pick one of the week’s hymns and sing it alone or with your family throughout the week. Try to learn the hymn so you can sing it well the next time we sing it in corporate worship. We also encourage you to pray daily. As you pray each day, keep in mind not only the needs of yourself and your family but also the needs of the church and the world around you, especially those needs mentioned in the pastoral prayer.

One thing to keep in mind – while it is our goal each week to write a service in which all of the parts obviously connect with each other thematically to announce the Gospel of Jesus Christ, some texts lend themselves more readily to this than others.


Monday - Read the week’s sermon text. Recall and discuss the point of the sermon.


Tuesday - Read the “Affirmation of Faith”. What truths from the sermon text are stated in the Affirmation of Faith?

Wednesday - Read the “Scriptural Warning” and “Way of Salvation” from the bulletin answering any questions you or your family may have. How do these elements correspond to the point of sermon text?

Thursday - Read the “Assurance of Pardon” and “Exhortation to Holiness” from the bulletin answering any questions you or your family may have. How do these elements correspond to the point of the sermon text?

Friday - Read the weekly “Scripture Reading.” How does this passage foreshadow or fulfill the sermon text? Are there other passages that foreshadow or fulfill the sermon text?

Saturday - Read the sermon text again, and share what the Holy Spirit has been teaching you throughout the week. Also read the passage for next week’s sermon to help prepare your heart for corporate worship (check the bulletin pdf for next week’s sermon passage).


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